Today’s campaigns cost millions of dollars. Much news coverage focuses on the giving of wealthy individuals, but there is still a vital role for smaller dollar contributions by everyday Americans.

If your campaign is interesting in soliciting contributions of $10, $25 or $50, it may not be practical to make such requests in person on a large scale. For many organizations and candidates, the telephone, direct mail and email are the primary methods of soliciting smaller dollar contributions.

Our political professionals are experienced in all four stages of soliciting smaller dollar contributions:

Acquiring a list

It’s cost prohibitive to mail or call everyone. You’ll want to find a list of individuals whose voter registration status or contribution history indicates they’re open to your candidate or cause. (If you’re a Republican candidate, calling registered Democrats for donations is unlikely to be successful.) Our data services team can help you find the right list for your program, or help you clean up an existing list. Change of address updates, email appending and telephone number appending are services we offer.

Determining the best communications channel

Making the right choice of communications method is a prerequisite to fundraising success. The best efforts combine communications channels. Political Issue Advocacy can help you develop a plan for integrating your communications into a coherent plan, and help you set benchmarks to measure your program’s results by.

Making the request

Whether you choose direct mail, e-mail or telemarketing (or some combination of the three), it is important that your message is presented in a professional, persuasive fashion. Good copy that communicates the urgency of your cause is instrumental to success.

Follow up

Soliciting the contribution is just the start. Individuals who pledge contributions must quickly be sent a letter and return envelope, or provided with a secure on-line pag with which to honor their contribution commitment. Individuals who contribute must be quickly sent a thank you letter and thank you e-mail. Treating donors with respect and courtesy and demonstrating thankfulness are all key components to long term fundraising success.

Political Issue Advocacy is ready to help your candidate or organization raise the financial support essential for public policy success. Contact us today.